Nuusbrief 1: Mei 2008 : Danke

Newsletter 1: May 2008 : Danke!! Dankie!! THANK YOU!!


Sometimes people don’t stop long enough… mostly because we’re too afraid to look back. But it’s time now. Time to take a deep breath, time to turn around and look back at the past few months as if they were portraits of moments in time hanging on the walls of the BB’s  Life art gallery, to remind myself: “do you remember when…” and “ah, look here…”.


It’s then when I realize that I still need to put this story of mine onto paper someday – but this is not just a short story – this a a whole book… (nonetheless a story for another day).


Fresh News:


o        MD Greyling’s new CD: “Binne My” has been released and is on sale at most cd shops. It is a beautiful piece of work with a whole new bunch of original new songs on it. My favorite track is Nr 7 (for obvious reasons) – my brainchild – a song that I hold very dear – if you listen to the lyrics and you know just a part of me, you will understand why these things matter so much.


o        May is a quiet month with regards to gigs, although I am quite busy with new songs and recordings. For the next 3 months I will be working on getting a truly marketable product recorded and will keep you informed on the progress.


o        Few people know that I specialize in songwriting on request. It forms a unique part of what I am all about. I write lyrics and compose original songs on request for mainly weddings, but also other functions and occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays. For more info in this regard you can click on my “Home” link.


Jaco, thank you so very much for your special effort and the unique attention to detail with the design of my new webpage! I am so proud of it and brag about it wherever I go! You know what it feels like when you hear a song and you think: “I could have said that – if I had the right words” – Well, that’s what I feel like when I look at my new site : “that’s exactly like it would have looked, if I could…”. I know you understand!


I have so much to be thankful for – First and foremost to my ‘Heart’, my beginning and end and except for Jesus, thé most important person in my life: Thank You! For once, I am at a loss of words, but remember that you feature in each and every single painting in the BB’s Life art gallery and are as much part of the story as I am.


To each and everyone of you reading this newsletter: Be Blessed! May I ask you that you remember and keep me in your prayers and request that you commend me into His Will?


Kind Regards



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