The WWW of TLA's

Attending PMP’s, you see,
becomes quite an absurdity;
asphyxiated you become,
your brain they evermore benumb
with TLA’s of trivial theme
deluding every AWA’s dream!
SMM, when in absentia –
is the heaven of dementia
and even if all fails, we win
- our VLE will make you grin.
The applicant’s MBS level
plays currently Advocate’s devil...
Now if you’re sick onto the bone
by what from ABA ’s you’re thrown
why not feel free to join one day
the daring gang of the DNA!?


WWW - World Wide Wave
TLA - Three Letter Abbreviation
PMP - Project Management Presentation
AWA - Award Winning Abbreviator
SMM - So Many Men(tors)
VLE - Very Limited Exposure
MBS - Most Basic Stuff
ABA - Abbreviation Bloody Addict
DNA - National Dyslexic Association